Revisión del contacto eléctrico Aletheia TtAg

Un proyecto mexicano, conjuntando tecnología mundial primordialmente de Estados Unidos, Alemania, Dinamarca integrada por mexicanos y construida/ensamblada con las cualidades artesanales mexicanas. Altavoces, electrónica y accesorios.
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Revisión del contacto eléctrico Aletheia TtAg

Notapor @armonia-av » Mar Dic 31, 2013 9:09 am

En este caso es un contacto fabricado por ACME Audio Labs para Aletheia AV

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ACME Audio Silver Plated Outlet

ACME Audio Silver Plated OutletACME Audio Labs outlet is definitely an "oldie but goodie." ACME takes the Pass and Seymour 5242 outlets, silver-plates the metal parts and screws, then cryo-treats whole thing. The ACME outlet has been around a very long time, and while many other audiophile outlets have been brought to market since, it still sounds excellent while maintaining a budget price. The main hurdle to enjoying the ACME is the seemingly ridiculous amount of time it takes to break in, and it's probably a good idea to just install them into other rooms, connect some lights, refrigerator, etc, and just forget about them for a few weeks before actually installing them into the audio system.

If hastily installed and listened to right away, the ACME will likely introduce the proverbial Audio Hell to the owner, who will likely be disappointed and give up on this great outlet before the good stuff starts. At first, music will sound rigid, bright, rough, without any natural flow, and over the next few weeks, there will be a rollercoaster ride of improvement here and there while some things take a step forward then a step backward. When all said and done, the ACME presents a clear, resolute view into the recording with superb dynamics and definition. While it's probably not an outlet to use to soften and hide system faults, it will likely secure a place in a system, perhaps to feed some good tube amps, while another outlet that's a little more forgiving feeds the digital source, for example. It's difficult to beat the price-to-performance ratio of ACME outlets in this day and age when boutique outlets can cost an order of magnitude more.

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