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Equipos y altavoces fabricados en USA bajo licencia de Symphonic Line de Alemania. Excelente diseño, fabriación y desempeño multipremiado por valor de compra.
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Odyssey Lorelei @ Sixmoons.com

Notapor @armonia-av » Mié Ago 10, 2011 1:19 am

Reporte aparecido en octubre 2003

(Actualmente estas bocinas usan un crossover mejorado, mejor cable interior, mejores conectores y mejor material acústico interior)

In conclusion, for $2,700/pr and in this Lorelei, a prospective purchaser acquires a well-finished, nicely appointed loudspeaker with top-notch parts and a Humvee of a crossover. It offers broad off-axis dispersion to support wide lateral spreads; completely genre-defying bass extension unless you thought Platinum of yore or Phil Jones' latter-day efforts under the 2000-Series umbrella of AAD; a rich rather than lean presentation with excellent speed but not the last word in penetrating see-throughness; and the kind of corporeal rather than mental moxy one tends to associate with paralleled pentodes. Like the Mesa Baron during its haydays, this design conveys power and scale, color and elan - and with it, a charming tendency to over- rather than understate, to enhance rather than dare failing to impress.

Impressive? Hellaciously so. If my HE2003 memories remain trustworthy after all these months, Klaus Bunge's $4,500 system-sans-source could turn out to be the proverbial no-brainer dragon slayer, with the high-current 150wpc Stratos amp adding yet further control over this Harvard biker chick than my zero NFB SEP monos were designed to do. Saludos to Herren Gemein and Bunge - for the budget-conscious music lover, their latest collaboration opens yet another -- straight as an arrow -- pathway to enjoy a full dose of undiluted High-End without hawking off the family farm. And that's far more impressive than drooling over the latest three-story monstrosity that remains flat to 18Hz at 120dB RMS and looks like Ming the Merciless.

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