CES 2007: Un acondicionador AC contra DC

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CES 2007: Un acondicionador AC contra DC

Notapor @armonia-av » Dom Ene 14, 2007 5:41 pm

QUe tal este ?

Muy interesante.

Compraré para probar.


Our new XDC•2 improves your AC power by filtering high frequency noise and removing the DC component caused by unbalanced line usage. Even a small amount of DC riding on your AC line can saturate the transformers core, causing excessive mechanical hum or buzz. Inserting the XDC•2 between the AC source and noisey component is the solution...by blocking the DC, the transformer works more efficiently, improves the sound of the audio component, and eliminates the DC induced hum. High frequency filtering is used to eliminate noise caused by DAC's, CD Players, switching power supplies and/or amplifiers, etc. from contaminating the AC power used by other audio components.

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