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El DAC Xciter de CAry mejora el sonido de un lector Esoteric

PublicadoCOLON Dom Dic 11, 2011 2:40 pm
por @armonia-av
Todos conocemos y reconocemos la calidad de los lectores Esoteric, bien, este análisis uacompló un DAC Xciter de Cary a la salida de un reproductor Esoteric y el resultado fué:

I decided to begin my review using the DAC, with my Esoteric acting as a transport, and loaded up one of my favorite and most familiar albums, Jar of Flies (Columbia - CD) by Alice in Chains. Within the first few seconds of "Rotten Apples," it was obvious that Cary had created a winner. What I first noticed was the incredible clarity and definition of the instruments. Each instrument had more space around it and the soundstage was less congested than I had heard before.

http://hometheaterreview.com/cary-audio ... -reviewed/