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Odyssey Stratos nuevamente premiado: 2014 The Absolute Sound

PublicadoCOLON Vie Mar 06, 2015 1:54 pm
por @armonia-av
Y sin restarle nada al Rotel, pero bien podría haber entrado ahí el Odyssey Khartago (995 USD @USA) que ya en años anteriores ha ocupado el premio en la categoría entry level o mejor valor de compra. Por otro lado consideren que el siguiente eslabón hacia arriba en la categoría "Upper End" se eleva a 4 veces el precio de esta pareja de amplificadores mono de Odyssey.

http://www.theabsolutesound.com/article ... ower-amps/


Odyssey Audio Stratos

This phenomenal sounding and reasonably priced 180W monoblock from Klaus Bunge of Odyssey Audio uses the same circuit as Symphonic Line of Germany’s $14k RG 11 Mk 4 amplifier (which Bunge also imports). Although the boards and parts in the Stratos aren’t the same premium-quality you get from Symphonic Line, and Odyssey’s anodized-aluminum enclosures, though handsome and well-built, aren’t nearly as deluxe, the sound remains extraordinary. In direct comparison with the best amplifier JV has heard—the $65k Soulution 711—the Stratos monoblocks more than held their own. No, they won’t give you the same levels of speed, resolution, color, bass authority, and dynamic range that the Swiss amp does, but they come darn close with truly exceptional resolution in the bottom octaves. Yes, you can do better than the Stratos monos if you spend a whole lot more. The question you will ask yourself, once you’ve heard them, is: “Do I really want to?”